Thursday, September 15, 2011

Maternity clothes

Today, I was "window shopping" for new school clothes. I found that I have a very hard time taking today's "popular" fashions seriously, they drive me NUTS!

One shirt is too revealing, another is too tight (even in an xl) the pants are sized small, so my waist that hasnt changed for over a year has gone from standard size 11-16 in the same style pants. I really just HATE clothes shopping... but I find that I have to do it...

Another thing I have noticed, whether or not anyone likes it, I like maternity clothing.... long past are the days of moomoos and gaudy tent dresses to hide your bump! Now moms want to be gorgeous, talented, confident, proud baby incubators!

I think from now on, I will do my normal clothes shopping at Motherhood Maternity! I am a slightly bigger girl to begin with, and maternity clothes hide my chub well, then when I am pregnant (hopefully soon!) I will already have a FAB maternity wardrobe! And I don't have to stress about getting "back to my pre-pregnancy clothes"...

Check out these ADORABLE Tunics!!!

Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Crochet Detail Maternity Shirt

Short Sleeve Deep V-neck Twist Neck Detail Maternity Tunic

Sleeveless Deep V-neck Empire Waist Maternity Tunic

Short Sleeve Faux Wrap Maternity Capri Pantset

Sleeveless Tie Front Maternity Capri Pantset

Sleeveless Screen Print Maternity Short Set

Sleeveless Tie Detail Maternity Short Set

Now, all of these are fairly well priced. Shopping at the end of a season gets you great deals. This is a lot of their stuff (Motherhood Maternity) that is from spring and summer, they are clearancing it out to make room for Winter. Even though these are summery outfits, they would still be cute paired with stockings, or some comfy jeans and high over-the-pant boots, or even (fashion hauntings) a cute colorful pair of leg warmers over some soft and comfy ballet style flats! You could try it with a cozy scarf, or a light open front knit jacket. 

Just a thought! 


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