Saturday, September 3, 2011

Another devastation, BFN getting harder to take.

Each month, I seem to be showing more and more signs and symptoms of pregnancy. Each month, I hold out for 10-15 days after ovulation to take the test, and each month I wait, bated breath, for a double line.

This month, I had period-like bleeding for 1 day on 12DPO, it was finished by 13DPO, and I thought it must be implantation bleeding, it is the only thing that makes sense... took the test on the day AF was due, and NOTHING, BFN.....

Not wanting to show my disappointment, I continued my day as if nothing was wrong, which in all honesty, nothing is wrong... it's still painful. And I don't think hubby fully understands my frustration. He shrugs it off like it shouldn't matter. He isn't the one that is feeling the symptoms and the anxiety of it all.

I know I shouldn't be frustrated, and I should worry about anything, that it will happen when it is supposed to, but it is hard to watch all my friends and family having babies, even when they aren't ready, weren't trying, and shouldn't have kids (most of my friends can barely take care of themselves, let alone another person)...


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